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East Riding College

Previous East Riding College Site

Previous East Riding College Site

No, I didn’t build the actual college, however continuing in my series of How I Built… articles about my work, I’ve been working with East Riding College to launch their new web site. I inherited this client after the liquidation of my previous employer Streamline Media in 2011 and continue to have a close working relationship with their marketing manager, Matthew Croshaw.

In 2014 it was decided that a visual refresh was needed to give the college an updated look to coincide with their new campus due to be opened in Beverley this September. The college previously operated both a mobile and desktop site, however they worked independent of each other so the information parity and look and feel between them was quite distant with the mobile site only containing a fraction of the desktop site’s content and administration was frustrating for staff having to update 2 separate web sites.

Approximately 45% of their visitors were accessing the mobile site, so this was the perfect time to combine both sites and give mobile users access to the full content on offer from East Riding College.

Matthew Croshaw

Tony Stark, Industrial Engineer
Matthew Croshaw, Marketing Manager

The Process

The process started just under a year ago with various meetings to discuss and dissect the previous web site to see what was working, what wasn’t and what could be improved. From this several mock-ups were created in Photoshop which were shown to the client and then refined over time to get to the current version today. Once approved, the build could begin to turn the mock-ups into responsive HTML prototypes.

The client was happy with their existing CMS solution, so these prototypes were converted into CMS templates to speed up content development by utilising their existing database. Once the templates were integrated, the web site was tested on a variety of devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops and then launched at the end of April 2015.

With a month passed since launch, a post-launch review meeting has been scheduled to review user feedback and the performance of the new web site in order to decide the focus of future development.

New East Riding College Site

New East Riding College Site

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  1. Luke says:

    Thanks for your Convert Case application. I use it pretty much every day and it is very useful. This site was linked on the Convert Case page so I thought I would use its comment facility to thank you and also to ask a question.

    I noticed that when the Sentence Case function is used, one thing it doesn’t do is change the personal ‘I’ from lower case to upper. I wondered if adding that to the application would be relatively simple or a total pain in the…?

    This may seem like the request of an egomaniac whose writing is so self-centred that correcting the case setting of the letter ‘I’ could feasibly consume thousands of man hours… but it really isn’t.

    It might also come across as pretty ungrateful, to write to thank you for a piece of work you did, then end up referencing an apparent shortcoming of the selfsame work.

    It’s just a suggestion really, and the main thing really was to say thanks.

    1. Jason says:

      Done, standalone I’s are now converted to uppercase when using sentence case!

  2. Alex Lauer says:

    Thank you for convertcase

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